New Hampshire's Oldest Used Bookstore

(Est. 1964)

AbeBooks included Henniker Book Farm 

as one of the "must-visit  bookshops"

in New England!


                                                           August 2018

Henniker Book Farm will be closed through the end of March.

Gary is beginning a round of chemotherapy that will suppress his immune system.  To give him the best chance going forward I will need to be with him and do everything possible to reduce his risk of exposure to infection. 

Lately we have had record numbers of visitors to the shop, many of you travelling a considerable distance to see our collection.  We always love to see you and to help find your next book but given the current situation it is best we step back from having the shop open.                                   


Yankee magazine named
Henniker Book Farm as among the
"Best Used Bookstores in New England",

     "The current owners are keeping a 48-year tradition alive at the Henniker Book Farm, which is just five minutes from New England College. Its 30,000 used and rare volumes range from general to scholarly interest, with strong sections on history, biography, and science." 

                       - (Yankee, December, 2012)

     "With roots stretching back to 1964, this might be New Hampshire's oldest used bookstore.  Located a few minutes away from New England College, the Henniker Book Farm features more than 30,000 volumes in its carefully groomed collection --- all watched over by Toby, the bookshop dog.  The history and science sections are particularly robust, but there are treasures to be found across the spectrum."

                        - (Yankee, November, 2017)

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We are 17 miles west of Concord, NH, 80 miles north of Boston, MA and 470 miles from Greenbelt, MD (where the grandchildren live!)

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