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Update: SPRING 2024 at this time we are not buying books as we recently acquired a few large collections.  Please find our standard book buying policy below.

We do buy books from the public on an as-needed basis. If you have books you are looking to sell or donate. Please email us a few photos of your book stacks before dropping them off. We will respond promptly to let you know what we need based on our current inventory. We welcome most book genres but not all (see below for books we DO or DON’T accept).  Books may be purchased for either cash or store credit.  For larger book collections or moving/estate sales/donations, we are sometimes able to make home visits.

Please e-mail:  or 

Book Donations

First off, a BIG Thank you for thinking of us!  We appreciate your donation!

We are NOT a non-profit so are unable to provide a tax receipt. For any donation that we get, we give a 10% discount off a purchase.  Any book we do not use and is in good condition we will donate along.

What We Do & Don't Accept

 Books we DON'T ACCEPT (because they are hard to sell)

  • Textbooks and Library Books

  • Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Study Guides (we DO accept Foreign Language and ESL Dictionaries and Study Guides).  

  • Outdated Reference Books, Professional Books and Technology Books

  • Reader’s Digest Books and Time-Life Books

  • Periodicals

  • Books in poor condition (see "condition requested" guidelines below)

  • Trade paperbacks (the smaller paperbacks (We DO accept vintage paperbacks)

Books we DO ACCEPT 

  • All Genres except the items noted above

  • Prefer Hardcover

  • Larger Paperback Books

  • Vintage Paperbacks

  • Local Books & Some Ephemera

  • Books must be in "Very Good" Condition

Condition Requested - "Very Good" Condition:  

  • No moisture damage, mold, or mildew

  • No excessive dirt or dust

  • No stained, yellowed, or torn pages or covers

  • No broken bindings or missing book jackets

  • No highlighting or underlining, or heavy wear of any kind

  • No musty, smokey, or other odors

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